Everything You Need To Know About Bee Removal

We do understand that you don’t scare bees. But, if you have a bee colony or swarm in your home, then, it can disturb your peace. And, can make you very uncomfortable as the bees keep making a buzzing sound.

Thankfully, we have various methods of doing bee removal. With time, bee removal is becoming very common. In this article, we will guide you through some important information regarding bee removal.

Bee Removal
Bee Removal

Why is bee infestation problematic?

If bees have infested, then, nothing can be more problematic than this for you. And, if you leave the infestation then, with time their colony will grow and become more big and problematic. While growing their hive, they can also spread to the other areas of your home or yard. For finding out about bee hives, you need to know where they prefer to make the hive?

Generally, they make their hives in dark places. Like wall cavities, under decks, chimneys, utility boxes, water meters, or soffits. These are some of the places where you can be a hive in your home. So, keep an eye on these areas.

You might not know but, bees infestation can ruin your home’s exterior and interior. Like they can lead your home to damp problems. They can make holes and leave honey stains on your beautiful walls. And, that’s why should prefer doing bee removal in your home as quickly as you can.

Benefits of bee removal:-

Bees removal has lots of benefits too. Some of them are:

  • Bees removal does not include the use of any harsh chemicals.
  • It is totally a humane process.
  • While removal, bees keep pollinating or producing honey without any disturbance.
  • As the bees are completely removed from their hive. It reduces the chances of their infestation or returns in the future.
  • No odor is left behind after the end of the removal process.
  • You don’t have to worry about bees’ health, as the removal process is totally safe.

What does bee removal include?

If you will call expert local pest control to your home then, they will come to your home and safely remove the bee’s hive. They have the skills or expertise of doing the job, so nothing to worry about. They will first inspect, then, identify and after that, they will do the removal.

Bees removal cost

Now, the main thing comes is cost. How much can bee removal cost you? Well, it totally depends on some factors. Though, if we give you an average cost, it will cost around 100 to 1000 dollars. And, if any repairs are required, then, the cost can increase up to $2000.

If you can find any beekeeper interested in having the beehive then, it will be great. Because you don’t have to pay anything for removal. And, bees will be removed safely. Bees removal is a very dangerous task, you should prefer to take the help. 


So, in this article, we have properly concluded some necessary things related to bee removal. For your and the bee’s safety, we are recommending you hire commercial pest control or beekeepers for bees removal. To know more about us, book our service and experience it yourself.

What Are The Signs Of Termite Activity?

Your first clue to a pest problem may be little flying insects- bugs. Bugs are mostly found nearby windows. This generally happens during springtime. However, pests are available throughout the year. Termites are very confusing pests and identifying them is a bit tricky. Only a pest control expert can identify them correctly. Apart from spotting bugs during springs, another obvious sign of their activity is the destruction they do to your properties. So, check out some of the essential signs of termite activity below.

Common Signs Of Termite Activity

Mud Tubes On Walls

Termites build homes in tubes made of dirt, mud and debris. These muddy tubes help them to move to the food stuff without even coming to notice. These tubs are coin-sized homes usually located inside or outside the walls of your homes.

Hollow Sounding Woods

Termites eat woods from the inside, which makes the wood hollow. So, whenever you knock on places of termite infestation, it makes a papery or hollow sound. This sound came from the hollow wood that has been eaten away.

Sighting Of Discarded Wings Of Termites

Generally, the common sign identified by homeowners is the presence of flying termites and their wings. You may notice these shredded wings on your window panels. However, most termites disappear after finding a mating partner, and they leave their wings, which is a sure sign of indoor termite activity.

Termite Droppings

After eating wood items, these termites often leave behind grainy and brown-coloured mounds. You can easily find these faecal particles behind the attacked wood.

Wall and Ceiling Damage

Search for some cracks on inside walls. As termites eat timber that contains cellulose, the visible cracks can be a hint of termite infestations. In addition to this, wooden ceilings, architraves and beams are at great risk of termite attack. Search for cracks on cornices and ceilings. If you have many, call a pest controller.

Damaged Roof Tiles

Loose or broken tiles may access the water inside your home. This further leads to moist rooms that are loved by termites. Once any termite enters a hole through the tile, it will start making it bigger until the tile breaks. So, be careful of termite activity when you have tile floorings.

Garden Damage

Wooden and decking fences in your garden/ lawns are risk prone areas. “Termites is where the wood is!” However, termite treated paints or metal polishes may save them. So, do a regular check on your wooden fences.

Do You Need A Pest Control In Daylesford? 

Termite searches for food and eats 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That sounds creepy, right? Yes, they are constantly eating the area near their nest and damaging your property. So, to save Daylesford people from getting termite attacks, We offer the best pest control services in Daylesford. By choosing us, you get your home thoroughly inspected. Our pest controllers can enter through the tiny areas and detect termite infestations thoroughly. Moreover, our termite control Daylesford service is budget-friendly. Also, you get a termite-free and clean home when we leave. Book your appointment now @ 03 4050 7737.